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Date Released: Unknown

Powerups (in order of appearence): None

Ultimate Time: 00:23.00

Qualify Time: None

Description: This level is made for Andrew Sears.

Start Help Text: Don't touch the top of the tube!

Creator: Riblet15 (Rogue Onion)

Easter Eggs: A round bumper surrounded by a Glow_bounce.dts, with a message saying that it might not be the real easter egg. The real easter egg is a bunch of glow_bounce.dts's arranged to look like a smiley face.

Walkthrough of level Edit

Start by rolling along a long platform into a big pipe. Land on a half pipe, and fling out of the pipe and up again. Go back through the pipe, onto a different half pipe, and fling back up. Grab the last gem, and run to the finish.

Fun Facts Edit

LFAS:IS is included in the 30 Levels Run.

30 Levels Run - Old Levels Archive (CLA)

30 Levels Run - Old Levels Archive (CLA)

Notes Edit

  • LFAS:IS stands for "Level for Andrew Sears: I'm Sorry." This level was created due to an argument in the Marble Blast Forums chat room.

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