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GarageGames (aka garageGames, TorquePowered, or GG for short) is an independent game developer founded in 2000, in Eugene, Oregon. Its headquarters was moved to Las Vegas, Nevada by IAC. It developed Marble Blaster, Marble Blast Gold, and Marble Blast Ultra, which runs on the Torque Game Engine (Ultra running on the Torque Shader Engine), also created by GG. They later changed their name to TorquePowered. After being bought by Graham Software Development in January 2011, GarageGames restored their name and brand. In October of 2011, GarageGames lost their rights to their games to InterActiveCorp, including Marble Blast, effectively shutting down InstantAction.


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GarageGames is a unique Internet publishing label for independent games and gamemakers. Our mission is to provide the independent developer with tools, knowledge, and co-conspirators - whatever is needed to unleash the creative spirit and get great innovative independent games to market.



7674 West Lake Mead Boulevard
Las Vegas, NV 89128

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  • Phone: (702)-242-0957
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