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This guide was created by Mike McFadden, and the alternate paths are by ShadowMarble.

A lot of these levels use speed tricks like "Fast Start" in them. These tricks are described here: Speed Tricks

Levels Edit

Beginner 1: Learning to Roll
Rotate the camera over slightly before the level begins, do a "Fast Start", rotate the camera as you pass the first bend, and jump to the finish.

Beginner 2: Collect the Gems
Start with a "Semi-Fast Start", rotate the camera sideways, then start at the left side and work your way around to collect the gems. Start on the side where the goal is. The gems are aligned in a backwards "S" pattern, and when you are finished, jump towards the goal.

Beginner 3: Jump Training
Start with a "Fast Start", rotate the camera, jump forward up the |>>>>| incline twice, and after the second jump you should have enough height to clear the left side of the platform and roll towards the goal.

Beginner 4: Learn the Super Jump
Start with a "Fast Start", but slow down when you get near the Super Jump. Activate the power-up and head towards the goal.

Alternate path: Start with a "Fast Start" and aim for the 'up sign.' If you hit it right, you should land on the platform with the goal.

Beginner 5: Platform Training
This is the first tricky level. When the level first begins, don't move! Wait until the clock says roughly 2.30 seconds and hold the forward button. Jump over to the moving platform (you should barely make it), then jump again when you reach the other side of the platform (as in hold up the entire time and just jump when you have to). You should clear the gap and roll towards the goal.

Beginner 6: Learn the Super Speed
Start with a "Fast Start", then simply activate the Super Speed as soon as you get it. You will fly to the finish. Easy.

Beginner 7: Elevator
Roll forward normally and jump onto the elevator. Stay near the back of the elevator (closest to the camera). At 2.4 seconds, jump forward. You will sail towards the goal.

Beginner 8: Air Movement
Rotate the camera so it is facing sideways, and hold left (or right, whichever way is towards the edge). As soon as you get near the edge, come to an almost complete stop, and when you roll off the edge, hold the opposite direction you were going before. Keep trying until you make it to the goal on the first bounce (on the way up).

Beginner 9: Gyrocopter
Start with a "Fast Start" and activate the Gyrocopter as soon as you get it. You will need to hold back slightly near the goal so you do not hit the sign above it. Alternatively, you could just jump to the goal by starting with a "Fast Start".

Beginner 10: Time Trial
Start with a "Fast Start" and just hold up and jump until you reach the goal.

Beginner 11: Super Bounce
Don't let the name fool you: the Super Bounce is not needed! You can actually do this: Rotate the camera slightly so that the goal is to the right of the screen. Do a "Fast Start" up and to the right (diagonally of course), then bounce once without jumping and hold jump again for a final jump. You will clear the gap nicely and roll to the goal.

Beginner 12: Gravity Helix
Start this level with a "Fast Start", then hold the jump button and forward button  the entire time. Begin by moving left slightly so you line up with the first Gravity Modifier. Right before you touch the switch, start moving right, and move right for the this and the next switch. After that, let go of right button (keep holding the forward of course) and let your sideways momentum fling you into the third switch. If you are a little off of the last switch, quickly line yourself up and fling yourself into the goal in another record time!

Note: If you want to make REALLY good time, do the same thing as above, only do it diagonally instead of straight ahead.

Beginner 13: Shock Absorber
This one requires good timing. First off, rotate your camera sideways before the level begins. As soon as it starts, roll off the edge and activate the Shock Absorber. The tricky part is that you must hold right and NOT let go and time it so that you pass the middle barrier but have enough momentum to roll up the final hill really fast. It's possible, no doubt, but tricky.

Beginner 14: There and Back Again
Start this one with a "Fast Start" but hold down the jump button and forward button so that you jump 5 times. Right before you land the 5th jump, start holding down button and don't let go. If you don't fall out of bounds, hold down button and jump the entire way back. Don't bother fumbling with the camera.

Beginner 15: Marble Materials Lab
Start with a "Fast Start" like usual, then jump right after you land (don't do a continuous jump; let the marble bounce once). You will clear the first hill and fly into the first gem. Before you land, be sure to hold the jump button for 2 jumps (once into the hill in front of you, and once more to fly into the second gem). Jump to the last gem, and jump once more to the goal.

Beginner 16: Bumper Training
This one is pretty easy to beat as long as your start with a "Fast Start". Roll past the bumpers and jump to the goal.

Alternate path: This is tricky. Roll forward, and when you think you can, jump over the inside corner and hit a bumper on the edge of the platform. You should be bounced to the goal.

Beginner 17: Breezeway
This one is also really easy. Start with a "Fast Start" and don't let go of the jump button or forward button the whole time. Start off by moving right slightly to offset the blow from the first fan, then go to the goal.

Beginner 18: Mine Field
This is like the bumper level, only with mines. Follow the same strategy: start with a "Fast Start", roll or jump past the mines, then jump to the goal.

Alternate path: Start with a "Fast Start", and speed into the first mine you see. You should be launched over the wall and to the goal.

Beginner 19: Trapdoors!
This is a really easy level to beat the gold time. Just start with a "Fast Start" and jump all the way to the goal.

Beginner 20: Tornado Bowl
Before you begin, rotate the camera so you are facing near right corner of the bowl. When the level begins, jump at the edge of the platform and land on the first [[Time Travel]]. Fall down then jump up the wall in front of the goal to get another Time Travel. Rotate the camera around to face the tornado, then get the two gems on the left. Roll past the gem on the right and jump up the wall to get the third Time Travel. Go back down and get the last two gems and roll to the goal.

Note: You can travel in a straight line to each gem without the tornado affecting your movement.

Beginner 21: Pitfalls
The only real tip I can give in this level is jump whenever possible, including starting with a "Fast Start" and jumping right before going up any hills. The path is linear and obvious.

Alternate path: Go up the hill normally, but on the first section with holes, jump as much as you can and roll diagonally to go really fast. If you collide with the inside edge where the track turns, you will be launched backwards and up. It's very hard to make it, but if you do, It will give you very good time.

Beginner 22: Platform Party
This level is really simple to get a gold. Follow the path normally. Take your time! The platforms aren't timed right to need to go fast. The only trick is that once you get to the last moving platform you must jump off early and fly into the goal.

Beginner 23: Winding Road
This level is tricky to notice the shortcut right away, since the Super Jump power-up seems to be required to clear the large gap right after the power-up. However, you don't even need to pass the gap! Follow the path normally until you get the Super Jump. Turn around and roll down the hill again. At the bottom of the hill, jump towards the platform that has the goal and activate the Super Jump right after jumping. You should barely be able to make it to the platform. After that, just roll to the finish!

Beginner 24: Grand Finale
Start this level with a "Fast Start", then roll down the ramp ahead. Roll straight into the tornado and it should launch you into the air. Start holding back a second or two later to get the gem in mid-air and the gem on the next platform. Turn the camera around and head back to the tornado. This time, get the gem to the upper-right of the tornado area, then get the other one on the other side. Roll up the ramp that has the Super Bounce at the top, but get the gravity switch. Hit the next gravity switch after that and use the Super Speed to shoot to the gem. Follow the path around until you end up next to a Gyrocopter. Rotate the camera so that the Gyrocopter is on the right side of the screen, then get on the opposite side of the platform. The trick here is to roll diagonally while jumping once, getting the Gyrocopter, and jumping at the edge of the platform to land on the platform you would normally need the Gyrocopter to reach. Get the gem up here, then jump down and enter the tunnel with all those mines. Get the gem in the middle, then activate the Gyrocopter right before the upward ramp and the end. Jump when you hit the ramp and you should fly pretty high up. Maneuver over to the final gem (it's to the right, on the platform you would use the super bounce to get to). After this, rotate the camera to face the two fans, drop down to the main platform, then drop off the left side of this platform and land in the tunnel that has the goal in it (we are skipping the Shock Absorber path).