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This guide was created by Mike McFadden, and the alternate paths are by ShadowMarble.

A lot of these levels use speed tricks like "Fast Start" in them. These tricks are described here: Speed Tricks

Levels Edit

Intermediate 1: Jump jump jump
When you first begin, go left, then jump forward once and jump again right before the wooden incline. You should have just enough speed to get all 5 Time Travels. If not, start over. When you get all 5 in one shot, quickly turn around and go up the other wooden incline leading to the 6th Time Travel, giving you 30 free seconds! Turn around and head up the incline there, and jump at the end to get the first gem. Keep going forward and turn around and head up the incline that takes you to the top of the box. Get the second gem up here. Fall down off the side of the box that is near the other incline, and go underneath the incline for the third gem. Now turn around and roll up the incline (don't jump at the end) for the 4th and final gem. Now roll to the goal!

Intermediate 2: Monster Speedway Qualifying
I like this level because I don't follow directions. When the level first begins, turn the camera completely around. We are going to do this level backwards! Keep jumping whenever possible, and don't be afraid to cut across the grass. Jumping on the grass does not slow you down. Just go around and get all the gems and finish!

Intermediate 3: Skate Park
Rotate the camera before the level begins so that you are facing the small pool. Try to get all 3 gems in one motion by rolling onto the first gem, bouncing onto the second one (in the middle) and rolling out while getting the third gem. Head over to the second pool and get the 3 gems there. Now head over to the quarter pipes while picking up the one gem on top of the nearest coal pile. Get all the gems on the quarter pipes (rotating the camera helps a lot), then get the rest of the gems on the coal piles and head to the goal.

Intermediate 4: Ramp Matrix
This level was hard to beat at first, but of course that's because I was taking the wrong path. It's a better path now. ;) Rotate the camera so you are facing right. Roll down this hill and get the first gem, then roll left (don't rotate the camera unless I say so!) and get the second gem. Roll off the left side of this platform and get the 3rd gem. Rotate the camera so you are facing right, then roll forward and get the gem sitting there. Roll up the hill on the left and collect the 5th gem. Now rotate the camera so you are facing right again, and notice that there is a gem and Super Jump to the left of the platform you are on. Roll up the ramp and roll off the left side and land on the Super Jump, then roll forward and get the 6th gem. Immediately use the Super Jump and fly up to the 7th gem. Roll down the hill here, rotate the camera so you are facing right, then jump across the gap to the 8th gem. Rotate the camera so you are facing right, then collect the 9th gem by rolling up and off the left side of this hill. Rotate the camera to the right one last time and get the 10th gem. Jump to the goal.

Intermediate 5: Hoops
This one looks impossible to beat at first, but don't worry - I have some tricks up my sleeve! You can skip the first two hoops by just jumping onto the floating platforms and crossing them normally. Aim yourself into both of the next two baskets (if you miss, start over), to open up the path to the final three hoops. Here's the cool part - you only need to make the basket on the left and closest to you! Make this basket on the first shot, then roll backwards to the center of where those 2 platforms meet (the two platforms you moved with the two baskets before). Once you are in the middle, hold up and jump the entire time, and you will clear the HUGE gap and barely make it to the goal while skipping all those annoying baskets!

Intermediate 6: Go for the Green
If you can't figure out what "Go for the Green" or the level description is trying to tell you, then never play this game again (It means go for the green to get the gold).

Intermediate 7: Fork in the Road
This one is really easy when you know the trick. Start this level with a "Fast Start" followed by two more jumps. Jump right before you take the left fork in the road, then hold down the jump button and jump a second time upon landing. What you want to do is land on the platform above you, then keep jumping to the goal for a record time.

Intermediate 8: Tri Twist
Rotate the camera so you are facing the closest ramp. Get the gems by going clockwise and drop in the hole. In the second area, it may seem like you have to roll up the ramps to get these two gems, but in fact you can just jump at the gems and get them. Fall to the third area and get the gems normally.

Intermediate 9: Marbletris
This one is cool because I think I didn't follow the normal path again. What I do is go left, get the Super Speed, then activate it and soar over to the gem at the end of the long skinny platform. The cool part is you can actually use the bounce-back to collect the second gem on the way down. Practice holding right and up in varying amounts to get the second gem really fast. After this, collect the Super Jump that is on the ground, and use it to both get the last gem on the way up and reach the goal on the way down. It's really hard pulling off these neat tricks in one run, but it looks cool and gets a good time.

Intermediate 10: Space Slide
To be honest, I had a lot of trouble with such a simple-looking level. I finally was able to beat the level in time by going straight into the right mine on the first platform! The mine shot me to the right as I expected, and I landed near the right platform. That trick gave me enough time to barely get the gold.

Intermediate 11: Skee Ball Bonus
Normal Path: Roll right a little bit at the start and roll down past all the blockers. Jump somewhere near the end (there's no exact location since it depends on the current speed and direction), and hopefully you will fly cleanly into the top hole. If you don't get the top hole cleanly, restart. If you do get it, just finish the level normally.
Secret Path: Start with a "Fast Start" up and to the right. Pass the first blocker, then line up with the Super Speed and pick it up. Jump right before the ramp and keep holding up. You should fly through the top hole really fast. After this, start to hold right and up. The trick is to bounce once and land on the wall on the right side of the level. After this, jump ahead to get the first two gems. Follow the path around to the third gem. Finally, rotate the camera to face the goal, jump, and activate the Super Speed. You should fly to the goal before the Time Travel even runs out!

Intermediate 12: Marble Playground
This one was surprisingly easy. Roll forward, get the Super Jump, then head right and collect the first gem on top of a small hill. Jump into the hole in the middle of the level and hit the gravity switch. Get both gems on this platform. On one side of this platform you can see a single gem on the ground. Jump down and get it, then flip over using the nearest gravity switch (on the hill). Near this area is another gem down a short hill. It's hard to explain exactly where, but it's really close to where you first flip over. If you went fast enough (you should be, if not you might want to consider restarting just for kicks), you will see a moving platform rising up at the top of a near hill. Go up the hills quickly and get on the platform. Get to the center of the platform to collect the next gem. As soon as the next floor appears, fall down and go to the left side and up the hill. The horizontal moving platform should just be arriving. Get on this platform and get both gems. When you reach the other side, use the gravity switch to flip over one last time. Odds are you have the camera set so that there is a hill in front of you and the goal is to the right, but we won't be taking that hill. Turn around and there will be a second hill. Use the Super Jump to shoot up to the top of the hill, then get the second to last gem. After this, get the last gem near the goal and finish!

Intermediate 13: Hop Skip and a Jump
Rotate the camera so you are facing slightly to the right (if you are used to jumping diagonally, you know how much rotation I mean), then do a "Fast Start" up and to the left. Keep rolling and fall off the ramp. You should land squarely on the end of the little jump and go flying into the air. Quickly rotate the camera so you are facing the goal, then land on the Gyrocopter. As soon as you bounce from the initial impact, start the Gyrocopter and fly to the goal!

Intermediate 14: Take the High Road
Start this level by doing a "Fast Start" towards the camera. You should smack into the back wall, then bounce up and get a Super Jump. Immediately activate the Super Jump and get the gem at the top of the platforms. Quickly bounce down to the lower gem, then follow the path down and jump up onto the small ledge to get another Super Jump. Rotate the camera to face the goal then jump off and immediately activate the Super Jump. You will be able to land on the goal from here in record time!

Intermediate 15: Half-Pipe
Start off by rolling down the right side of the pipe, pick up the Super Speed, and shoot up and collect the gem. You need to line up right for it to work! Try to get the other gem on the way down, but if you land on the platform next to it instead, you can still turn around and jump up to get the gem. Go down to the center of the pipe and get the gem there, then pick up the Speed Booster there. At this part, you have to get one gem on the way up, the Time Travel in the middle, and the other gem on the way down. After this, you can still take your time to get to the goal.

Intermediate 16: Gauntlet
This gold is VERY easy to get. I have no idea why the gold time is so high, but it is. There's no real tricks to this level - just go fast. If you do a "Fast Start" so that you land about a half second after the level begins, you should jump in the middle of the first ramp. If you land in this general area, you can clear the moguls in 9 seconds - which is roughly 3 seconds faster than usual. When you are up to the second floating platform at the end (as in you used two Super Jumps and just picked up a third one), you can make it to the goal by jumping and activating the Super Jump. Note: There is a Super Speed behind you at the start if you want it.

Intermediate 17: Moto-Marblecross
Start this level off by going… backwards. Don't rotate the camera - just go back a bit and get that gem. Now go straight and get the gem in front of the start. Head up the hill, and slow down to get the Time Travel. Head up the second hill faster to get the gem and Time Travel. Go around the turn and get the gem there. Go along the side of the moguls instead of going over them. Get the Time Travel towards the end, then get the gem after the jumps. Go around the turn, then go up both hills and get the two gems there. Go left, then get the Time Travel there. Rotate the camera quickly to show the goal sign, then line up so that the goal is far in front of you and the Super Speed is in front too. Roll forward, get the final gem, get the Super Speed, and activate it. You will fly into the goal just in time.

Intermediate 18: Shock Drop
This level is really short. Just get a Shock Absorber, roll off the edge, and land at the bottom without touching the wall.

Intermediate 19: Spork in the Road
This level is like Fork in the Road, only you have to collect gems. Start off with a "Fast Start" followed by two more jumps. Go up the left fork (or is it spork now?), then take the right fork. Jump down 2 platforms to get the first gem, then go back up and get all three Time Travels. Your time right now should be anywhere from 13-15.5 seconds. Instead of using the Gyrocopter, I think it's faster to just jump across to the far platform and follow it down to the gem (the one at the bottom of the small steep hill). Travel back up the hill and go back until you see the first fork in front of you (I say first as in the first fork you encountered at the beginning of the level). Jump down and take the right fork. Travel down this path until you see two paths heading off to the right. Jump over and take the right path, which has a Time Travel at the top of it. Get the Time Travel, then roll off to the left and get the third gem. Follow this path towards the goal, but instead jump off to the right and follow the long path over to the last gem. Get the Super Speed and use it to shoot yourself to the goal. To save some time, jump off the path early and jump right into the goal.

Intermediate 20: Great Divide
This level is almost impossible to not get a gold if you know what you are doing. Go up the first two elevators normally, then get all three timers and wait for the elevators to return. Go to the top of the level normally, then get both timers behind the rocks. You can save time and jump over the gap between the two platforms if you are going fast. After that, you can either stop at the middle platform after the gyro or just fly to the last platform.

Intermediate 21: The Wave
There really is no method to this madness, but I always find myself getting the gem in front first then going around the level counter-clockwise and jumping to the gems. The waves seem to rise at just the right time if you go that way.

Intermediate 22: Tornado Alley
Just start with a "Fast Start" and don't let go of up or the jump button for the entire time. Go right through the tornado and it won't do anything! (other than saving you from falling into the hole)

Intermediate 23: Monster Speedway
Start this one off by entering the pit stop on the left and collecting all the gems up to the Time Travel. Stop and get the Time Travel, then jump over the wall and get the Time Travel there too. Jump back over and get the gem there, then jump over the wall again to get the next Time Travel. Jump over the wall once more (yawn) and get the last gem in the pit stop. Follow the level normally (go fast of course), and collect the Time Travel after the second-to-last turn. If you go fast enough you should destroy the gold time.

Intermediate 24: Upward Spiral
Dude, I just found out that there is another Time Travel in this level! I had 36.40 without the Time Travel, but now it's a bit easier to beat. Start off with a "Fast Start" and jump two more times. As soon as you land the third time, hold back and left. The goal here is to make the turn as fast as possible. Jump two or three times up the hill, and repeat the process for the next hill. You should have about 9-10 seconds now. Go around the turn, collect the Super Speed, and shoot up the hill. When you get to the next Super Speed, slow down! If you go too fast, you will bounce back when you hit the barrier at the top. The trick is to go fast enough to make it up, but slow enough to barely pass beneath the barrier. After you make it this far, immediately start jumping up the hill while rotating the camera sideways. When you get to the top, jump over to the first Time Travel and jump to the right. You should land before the next Time Travel, so jump again to get that one. Hold back and rotate the camera to continue. Get the Super Speed and shoot up the next hill. Slow down at the top! Get the Time Travel behind the wall here (that's the one I just found!), then get the Super Jump. Clear the wall using the Super Jump and go up both hills (remember to jump up each hill because it's faster). At the next Super Jump, you must jump before activating it to clear the taller wall. Get the last Super Speed and shoot up to the goal!