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Marble Blast GoldEdit

Marble Blast Gold's hazards include six different hazards and three different surfaces. The hazards include circular and triangular Bumpers, small and regular Duct Fans, Mines, Oil Slick, Tornadoes, and wooden Trap Doors. They certainly do their best to push the marble out of control and out of bounds, but with the right tricks, you will easily be able to get by them quickly.

The surfaces will try to do the same. least some of them. You will definitely run into the mud and space, where your marble will spin out of control and roll of if you don't roll on it correctly. This can easily be fix by constantly jumping. Grass is the only surface (besides any regular surface) that actually doesn't make you slip. You have a lot more traction on it which is very helpful for when you're about to roll off. With enough speed, you can even shoot up a wall of grass!




Marble Blast PlatinumEdit

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