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Kevin Ryan was one of the developers of Marble Blast. He worked alongside Alex Swanson.

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One of the earlier developers for the Apple II computer, his first games, Zoo Master and Black Belt were published in 1983. He joined Dynamix as an owner/partner in 1984 creating the C64 version of Sword of Kadash. Kevin programmed Arctic Fox which was the first original game for the Amiga computer and published by Electronic Arts in 1986.
Kevin has designed and programmed a large number of games for the Apple II, Commodore 64, Amiga, and MS-DOS/Windows computers. A few of his game titles are Arctic Fox, Skyfox II, F-14 Tomcat, Rise of the Dragon, Heart of China, The Incredible Machine, and 3D Ultra Minigolf.
Some his more recent games are Marble Blast and Minigolf Mania both of which were published by Garage Games.
He graduated from the University of Oregon with a BS in Computer and Information Science in 1983, and lives in Shaver Lake, CA.