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Levels are a compulsory part of nearly every game. For Marble Blast, the main goal is for the completion of each level by rolling through, while surpassing and avoiding a variety of hazards and challenges. While one may be satisfied simply by completion, obtaining the fastest completion time for each level is also a primary goal of the game. Each level generally provides a target time, indicating proficiency or mastery of the level. Some levels may also ask for a time beyond no more than a certain maximum, or else failing the level.

In Marble Blast Gold, they are classified into four categories: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Custom. Each category described the difficulty of the levels they presented, while Custom levels are player-made or community-made levels that one can add to the game, simply by downloading and adding customized files to the game. Previous levels in each difficulty are required to be completed before advancing to the next.

In Marble Blast Platinum, a whole new set of levels are provided, and offer a new challenge to long-time Marble Blast Gold players. With it, each category presents levels that are roughly a tier of difficulty higher than levels of the same category in Marble Blast Gold. Another category, Expert, is also added, serving as a final tier of difficulty for seasoned Marble Blast players. The original release of Marble Blast Platinum also provided with a set of 50 "Director's Cut" levels, which were of possibly non-ideal quality or just not fitting into the theme for the mod. Their difficulty is highly varied. The levels received some minor tweaks following the initial release.

Along with Marble Blast Platinum, the Leaderboards offered a near final challenge from the game, where players worldwide could go online and compete interactively, seeing who really was the best of the best, or perhaps just a decent player. This section provided special level packs that were available only online. It would also continue to receive many, many changes over the years.

Level ListsEdit

These link to a list of each of the more-known levels in the game.

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Marble Blast Ultra Edit

Marble Blast Ultra levels were levels that came mostly from versions for the PC. Marble Blast Platinum 1.50 has incorporated these levels, with slight changes, to the online area in the game.

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