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LotM (Level of the Month) was a competition on the Marble Blast Forums. People submit levels that they have created, and other members vote on them and give comments. At the end of the month, everyone votes for the category awards - such as creativity, originality, skill level, editing, etc. The combined winner of both parts is the Level of the Month!

LoTM was evolved from a one-off competition called Level of the Year 2006. As such, LoTM January 2007 was the first official monthly level competition.

2007 WinnersEdit

  • January - There and Back Again Machine by Moshe
  • February - The Ultimate Race by technostick
  • March - Xployt by Moshe
  • April - Frictional Towers by Oakster
  • May - The Art of Moving Platforms by technostick
  • June - Tiny Skycastles by Xelna
  • July - Baron of the Summit by Pablo


A level's final score consists of two parts, one calculated from the average of the votes (from 1 to 10) and the other from the addition of category awards. The maximum score possible is 13.2, achieved by The Art of Moving Platforms by technostick.

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