Luke Skywalker (aka Luke, born 1997[source?]) was one of the biggest vandals on the GarageGames forums. He is well-known for his famous vandalism.

History Edit

On the GarageGames Forums, a new member called Luke Skywalker (formerly known as Luke) appeared in August 2006. He started off doing what most new members do, ask a lot of questions, not following the rules, etc. The forums thought that he was just doing it because he was new. However, when he was told the rules, he would continue to do it, and sometimes even more than before. His exceedingly bad behaviour caused great disorder throughout the forums. As recently remarked by a new member, "I looked through the old forums to find a link that helped. All I found was (unfortunately) that idiot Luke swearing."

The End Edit

After 5 months, the community decided something needed to be done about Luke. Sporlo decided to create a thread titled "Why isn't Luke being banned?". This was the beginning of the end, as this caused Luke to become mad, and caused a big discussion between Matan and Stephen Zepp. Sporlo started out saying how Luke has destroyed the forums, followed by a post of Luke, changing the subject. After a few more posts, Stephen Zepp posted saying how many people would have to be banned if they banned Luke, and Matan saying how personal attacks have risen since Luke came. This went on for a couple of days, including a startling fact posted by Stephen. "We cannot (and do not) have the manpower resources to moderate, nor do we feel it's necessary." This revealed why Luke had not been banned yet. This caused many people to become extremely angry, and get off topic again. On December 26th, 2006, Luke posted abusive posts in the Customer Support forum against someone looking for help. Joshua Dallman found this as the last straw. He locked all flame topics, locked that main topic, and indefinitely banned Luke, on December 27th, 2006.

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