You may be looking for the first Marble Blast game, Marble Blaster.


Marble Blast (aka MarbleBlast) is the name of various platformer games developed by GarageGames, an independent game developer. Marble Blaster was released in 2001 for Mac and Windows, with much positive feedback. Marble Blast Gold was released and got its copyright in 2003. After the success of MBG (Marble Blast Gold), GarageGames developed a new Marble Blast game called Marble Blast Ultra in 2006, though initially only available for the Xbox 360 for 400 Microsoft Points (previously 800). The game was eventually released to be played on the PC free of charge on InstantAction, and Marble Blast Mobile on iPhone. Even with the new features brought to the community from Marble Blast Ultra/Online, the fans of the game wanted more from the single player. They wanted new features, sounds, and levels. So the fans of the game started developing a something new; which what started to be an expansion pack for MBG turned into something much more, a whole new game. After 3 years of hard work, Marble Blast Platinum was born. After the success of MBP (Marble Blast Platinum) in 2007, others were inspired to create their own mods. Though most of these mods were not completed and just died out after a few weeks due to the high amount of work that are actually needed to be done, eventually, though, some mods actually survived the hard labor, and were eventually released. These mods being Marble Blast Emerald, and Marble Blast Advanced and many more. There are a few more major mods still being developed now, which are Marble Blast Fubar, A new working multiplayer mod, PlatinumQuest, Marble Blast Elite, and many more. After being bought by Graham Software Development in January 2011, GarageGames restored their name and brand. In October of 2011, TorquePowered (GarageGames) lost their rights to their games to InterActiveCorp, including Marble Blast, effectively shutting down InstantAction. This was considered to be an end of an era in Marble Blast history. Slowly, though, the downloads for Marble Blast Gold have been taking off the Internet, with only two guaranteed places left to get it from, that being the Marble Blast Forums and the MacGameStore. Despite all this, Marble Blast's community did not die down, and still has a friendly active community on their forums, which still provides various support for the game and its mods. On January 6th, 2014, Marble Blast Platinum 1.50 was released to the public, bringing multiplayer back into existence, and with the new website came download links for Marble Blast Gold, now making it available for anyone (except Linux users, since a full Linux copy has not been found at the time, emulators, however, can be used to run the Windows copy).