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Marble Blast Elite (aka MBE or MBElite) is a dead mod of Marble Blast Gold, developed by Nihahhat and Randall Johnson. Other members include Jeff, HiGuy, Whirligig and ChaosUnown. Only a small demo was released and is available under 'Incomplete Mods' on


It currently features 26 levels (13 Novice, 5 Mediate, 4 Advanced, 4 Elite), 7 kinds of marbles, 10 achievements, and more.

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Marble Blast Elite so far contains some exciting new features, including moving crates, marble resizing powerups, neat skybox scenery and some interesting new friction floors. These join familiar features of checkpoints, teleporters and easter eggs.

There are also many new floor properties in MBE that have never appeared in any other mods.

  • Inversion Floor: Reverses the controls (forward/backward are switched, left/right are switched).
  • Red No-Jumping Floor: The marble is unable to jump on this floor.
  • Blue and Green Jumping Floors: The marble can jump much higher than normal on these floors.
  • Invisibility floor: The marble becomes invisible when on this floor.