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Marble Blast Emerald is a game full of marbles in a truly new light. Race your customizable marble through more than 60 official levels and more than 25 custom levels!

Marble Blast Emerald comes with a number of great features, including:

  • 85+ new levels!
  • Custom Resolutions
  • Camera Turn Speed options
  • Customizable HUD for displaying time, emerald count, and powerups.
  • A "Bounds Generator" which sets the Play Area automatically!
  • Optional Emerald time, and Qualify time notifications!
  • Random Level Choice
  • Progress Bar and Dialogue
  • Hidden Sapphires! Collect them all, and beat your best time getting to them! A whole new way to play!
  • Level Search
  • Awards (Achievements)
  • Custom Marble skins, just add your marble.dts to the marbles folder!
  • Tunnel Vision - Can you beat all the levels with a limited view?
  • Fixed Camera - Some levels can be beaten with no camera rotation.
  • No Jumping - Some levels can be beaten without jumping.
  • First and Last buttons to zoom from front to back in no time!
  • Best Times dialogue to see the best times, and the emerald times while playing a level!
  • Speedometer
  • and more!