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The Forums' homepage.


An older picture of the homepage

The Marble Blast Forums were created as a result of the absence

of moderation on the GarageGames Forums, which has been for seven years the main place where Marble Blast has been discussed.

On the Marble Blast Forums, or MBF, one can download levels, vote in Level of the Month, or talk about Marble Blast mods such as MBP. As of January 6th, 2014, users can now download any mod, as well as MBP 1.50 and Marble Blast Gold, something not available before.


On the GarageGames Forums, a new member called Luke (also known as Luke Skywalker) appeared in August 2006. His exceedingly bad behaviour caused great disorder throughout the forums, and thus in October 2006 Matan and Technostick jointly created the new Marble Blast Forums on ProBoards. These forums instantly became popular, as the presence of moderation and greater flexibility appealed to members of the GarageGames Forums, which have since diminished and remained chaotic while the new Marble Blast Forums are constantly expanding. As of August 2013, there are 2,757 members and counting on the Marble Blast Forums. A remake of the site was planned to be released in early November 2013, along with Marble Blast Platinum 1.50. However, this was delayed, and instead was released on January 6th, 2014.

The CouncilEdit

The Council, created in January 2007, is a board of senior members who govern the forums.