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An icon that was used for Marble Blast Gold on the Garage Games homepage from 2004 until 2008.

Marble Blast Gold is the second game in the Marble Blast trio. It was developed by GarageGames and Monster Studios and is currently owned by InterActiveCorp. Originally, it was just a renamed version of Marble Blaster, but then GG added 27 new levels and Gold Times, and released it as Marble Blast Gold, on May 9th, 2003. It has four level divisions: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Custom. However, GG sold the copyright to InterActiveCorp, and therefore, MBG is no longer being sold (except for on the MacGameStore). It is, however, available on the new Marble Blast Forums for free (Mac and PC; Linux is not available at the moment, however, the demo is available).


Marble This is a description taken from Marble Blast Gold. Do not modify it.

Roll your marble through a rich cartoon landscape of moving platforms and dangerous hazards. Along the way find power ups to increase your speed, jumping ability, or flight power, and use them to collect the hidden gems and race to the finish for the fastest time.


  • MBG was once packaged with every Apple iMac G5 computer and iBook G4 laptop.
  • MBG was planned to have Multiplayer.
  • Marbles in multiplayer seem not to roll. (This has since been fixed in other mods, such as MBP.)
  • While the game's name is "Marble Blast Gold", its application's name is called "MarbleBlast" on Mac OS X, "MarbleBlastGold.exe" or "marbleblast.exe" on Windows, and "marbleblastgold.bin" on Linux.



Beginner LevelsEdit

1. Learning to Roll

2. Collect the Gems

3. Jump Training

4. Learn the Super Jump

5. Platform Training

6. Learn the Super Speed

7. Elevator

8. Air Movement

9. Gyrocopter

10. Time Trial

11. Super Bounce

12. Gravity Helix

13. Shock Absorber

14. There and Back Again

15. Marble Materials Lab

16. Bumper Training

17. Breezeway

18. Mine Field

19. Trapdoors!

20. Tornado Bowl

21. Pitfalls

22. Platform Party

23. Winding Road

24. Grand Finale

Intermediate LevelsEdit

25. Jump, Jump, Jump

26. Monster Speedway Qualifying

27. Skate Park

28. Ramp Matrix

29. Hoops

30. Go For The Green

31. Fork In The Road

32. Tri-Twist

33. Marbletris

34. Space Slide

35. Skee Ball Bonus

36. Marble Playground

37. Hop, Skip And A Jump

38. Take The High Road

39. Half-Pipe

40. Gauntlet

41. Moto-Marblecross

42. Shock Drop

43. Spork In The Road

44. Great Divide

45. The Wave

46. Tornado Alley

47. Monster Speedway

48. Upward Spiral

Advanced LevelsEdit

49. Thrill Ride

50. Money Tree

51. Fan Lift

52. Leap Of Faith

53. Freeway Crossing

54. Stepping Stones

55. Obstacle Course

56. Points Of The Compass

57. Three-Fold Maze

58. Tube Treasure

59. Slip 'n' Slide

60. Skyscraper

61. Half-Pipe Elite

62. A-Maze-Ing!

63. Block Party

64. Trapdoor Madness

65. Moebius Strip

66. Great Divide Revisited

67. Escher's Race

68. To The Moon

69. Around The World In 30 Seconds

70. Will O' Wisp

71. Twisting The Night Away

72. Survival Of The Fittest

Gold LevelsEdit

73. Plumber's Portal

74. Siege

75. Ski Slopes

76. Ramps Reloaded

77. Tower Maze

78. Freefall

79. Acrobat

80. Whirl

81. Mudslide

82. Pipe Dreams

83. Scaffold

84. Airwalk

85. Shimmy

86. Path Of Least Resistance

87. Daedalus

88. Ordeal

89. Battlements

90. Pinball Wizard

91. Eye Of The Storm

92. Dive!

93. Tightrope

94. Natural Selection

95. Tango

96. Icarus

97. Under Construction

98. Pathways

99. Darwin's Dilemma

100. King Of The Mountain








  • Shell (plays in menus)
  • Beach Party (plays on levels that when divided by 3, give a remainder of 2)
    Beach Party
  • Classic Vibe (plays on levels that when divided by 3, give a remainder of 1)
    Classic Vibe
  • Groove Police (plays on levels evenly divisible by 3)

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