Marble1 This article is about Marble Blast Gold.

This is a list of Marble Blast Gold Beginner levels. Most of the levels act as tutorials.

  1. Learning to Roll - Teaches rolling
  2. Collect the Gems - Teaches gem collection
  3. Jump Training - Teaches jumping
  4. Learn the Super Jump - Teaches how to use a Super Jump Power-up
  5. Platform Training - Teaches about moving platforms
  6. Learn the Super Speed - Teaches how to use the Super Speed Power-up
  7. Elevator - Teaches about elevators
  8. Air Movement - Teaches about air movement
  9. Gyrocopter - Teaches how to use the Gyrocopter Power-up
  10. Time Trial - Teaches about Time Travel Bonuses
  11. Super Bounce - Teaches how to use the Super Bounce Power-up
  12. Gravity Helix - Teaches how to use the Gravity Modifier Power-up
  13. Shock Absorber - Teaches how to use the Shock Absorber Power-up
  14. There and Back Again - A straight line with a gem at one end and the start and finish at the other
  15. Marble Materials Lab - Teaches about the different surfaces: mud, grass, and space
  16. Bumper Training - Teaches about bumpers
  17. Breezeway - Teaches about duct fans
  18. Mine Field - Teaches about land mines
  19. Trapdoors! - Teaches about trapdoors
  20. Tornado Bowl - Teaches about tornadoes
  21. Pitfalls - A level with ramps and holes in the floor
  22. Platform Party - A level with ramps and moving platforms
  23. Winding Road - A level with ramps and two power-ups
  24. Grand Finale - A level to test the skills learned in the previous levels