Marble1 This article is about Marble Blast Gold.
Marble Blast Gold has 24 intermediate levels. These levels are more challenging than the Beginner Levels.

01 Jump jump jump - A level with ramps, gems and time travels.

02 Monster Speedway Qualifying - A race around a track with gems.

03 Skate Park - A skating pit-level with ramps and pools with gems.

04 Ramp Matrix - A maze of ramps with 10 gems

05 Hoops - A level with basketball hoops. Jumping into the hoops moves the bridge so the marble can cross it.

06 Go For the Green - The green hole leads straight to the finish.

07 Fork in the Road - A maze of roads with a shortcut.

08 Tri Twist - A level with 3 stories, each with gems.

09 Marbletris - A Tetris-like level with gems and power-ups

10 Space Slide - A level with Space and mines

11 Skee Ball Bonus - A level with a skee ball ramp and Time Travels in the holes, and 3 gems

12 Marble Playground - A big level with 10 gems and lots of power-ups

13 Hop Skip and a Jump - A level with a Gyrocopter, Super Jumps, and a Super Speed.

14 Take the High Road - A level with a low road and a high road, each with one gem

15 Half Pipe - A half-pipe with 5 gems and a Time Travel

16 Gauntlet - A level with ramps, moving blocks, and Super Jumps

17 Moto-Marblecross - A track with lots of mud, 8 gems, and ramps

18 Shock Drop - Use the Shock Absorber to have a safe landing

19 Spork in the Road - Fork in the Road with gems (remake of Fork in the Road)

20 Great Divide - A level with elevators and gyrocopters

21 The Wave - A level with platforms moving up and down and 8 gems

22 Tornado Alley - Just go straight through the tornado

23 Monster Speedway - The track from level 2 with 15 gems (remake of Monster Speedway Qualifying)

24 Upward Spiral - A level with power-ups and obstacles that leads to the top