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Marble Blast Platinum

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Mac OS X
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23 December 2007

Marble Blast Platinum (aka MBP) is a standalone modification of Marble Blast Gold released in 2007.

MBP is not only an expansion pack of MBG, but also an entirely new game. It features 120 official levels: 25 Beginner, 35 Intermediate, 35 Advanced, and 25 Expert. It also features new skyboxes, marble skins, soundtracks, sound effects, textures, user interfaces, and gameplay elements. Each level has a Platinum Time, which is the equivalent of the Gold Time in Marble Blast Gold. Also, each level has an Ultimate Time, which requires even more precision, shortcuts, and difficult tricks.

In 2009, version 1.14 added online leaderboards and achievements to MBP for Windows users.

In 2013, version 1.50 of Marble Blast Platinum was released, which now has multiplayer mode, challenges, and leaderboard support for all Marble Blast Ultra levels. It also gave Mac and Linux users the ability to online play as well.

Gameplay ElementsEdit


Marble Blast Platinum has many surfaces, all with different amounts of friction.[1]

  • Grass - Friction is increased to 150%.
  • Tarmac - Friction is reduced to 35%.
  • Sand - Friction is increased to 400%.
  • Carpet and Rug - Friction is increased to 600%.
  • Water - Friction is increased to 600%, and absorbs all shock from a fall.
  • Ice - Friction is reduced to 3%.
  • Random Force - Sends the marble in the opposite direction, regardless of marble spin.



Marble Blast Platinum also introduces the Teleporter. A teleport trigger can send the marble to another area anywhere in the level. The amount of time required for the teleportation can also be modified.

The Checkpoint and the Easter Egg from Marble Blast Ultra are present in this mod as well, introducing these features for Marble Blast Gold-based modifications.


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  • It is designed to look like Marble Blast Ultra.
  • As of the 1.50 update, Multiplayer has been added, along with the Mega Marble and Blast powerups from MBU.



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