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For the mobile version of MBU, see Marble Blast Mobile. For the multiplayer PC version of MBU, see Marble Blast Online. For the MBG mod, see Marble Blast Platinum.

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Marble Blast Ultra was the third and final game in the Marble Blast trio, being released for the Xbox 360. It contains sixty levels. Many of the levels were remakes of levels from Marble Blast Gold. It was the last Marble Blast game ever released by GarageGames, with Marble Blast Online and Marble Blast Mobile being adapted for different devices. The game used to be on Xbox Live Arcade, but was removed in 2011 due GG selling Marble Blast to InterActiveCorp.

In August 2014, Marble Blast Platinum 1.50 Release Candidate 1 was released and all 60 levels from Marble Blast Ultra, as well as a Marble Blast Gold XBOX exclusive level, Hypercube, became playable. Each level also now has a Platinum Time and an Ultimate Time. Also, 15 brand new achievements were added.


A screenshot of a level.

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