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Surfaces are surfaces in Marble Blast that have different amounts of friction, which change the controllability of the marble. In the game, they are considered hazards in their texture files.

Marble Blast GoldEdit

The Space surface has no traction, making it hard to control the marble. The Mud surface is very slippery, but still has traction. The Grass surface has a lot of traction.

Marble Blast PlatinumEdit

There are 7 different frictions in MBP:

  • Grass: Similar to grass in MBG, it has a high frictional force.
  • Sand: This floor has a very high friction and also reduces the marble's bounce.
  • Water: This floor has a very high friction and completely eliminates the marble's bounce, like an Anti-Recoil.
  • Rug/Carpet: This force has the highest frictional force in the game. The marble can climb slopes up to 85° that are made of rug and carpet.
  • Tarmac: This floor has a lower friction than normal floor, but a bit higher friction than mud from MBG.
  • Ice: This floor is very slippery, having a similar friction to that of space in MBG.
  • Random: This floor has negative friction, which causes it to send the marble off in random directions.

MBG TexturesEdit


  • In MBP, Mud is replaced by Tarmac, and Space is replaced by Ice.